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Discover the world through trusted connections.

Nextflag allows you to explore the world with confidence, guided by friends.

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Your friends' favourite places

The ones you like for later

The places you like the most and give back!

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See the world through familiar eyes. 

Access trusted recommendations from your friends and connections, experience the most authentic and memorable aspects of every destination. By viewing the world through the lens of those you trust, you'll uncover hidden gems, explore local favorites, and create unforgettable moments that enrich your journeys. Step off the beaten path and truly immerse yourself in the places you visit, guided by the wisdom of your network.


The Nextflag Experience

Be guided by the recommendations of your trusted network. Discover off-the-beaten-path gems and savor local experiences, enriching your travel adventures. Let familiar eyes shape your journey, making each trip uniquely tailored and unforgettable.


Ditch the reviews

Break free from the limitations of anonymous online reviews and embrace the power of personal connections. Nextflag brings you closer to the people and places that make travel truly extraordinary.


Unlock a world of trusted travel

Discover hidden gems and local favorites through the recommendations of your friends and connections. Make every trip more memorable and authentic with personalized suggestions tailored to your interests.


Your wishlist is two taps away

Throw away your post its and address books. No more need to save all of wanderlust places in countless phone notes. All the places you want to visit can be two taps away - just open your wishlist!


Create lasting memories

Create lasting memories not only by discovering the best locations wherever you are, but be the guide your friends would love to have, and contribute to making their journey great!

Built for Students, accessible to all.

Initially created with international students abroad, our platform welcomes adventurers of all ages and backgrounds. By tapping into your trusted network of friends and connections, you'll uncover hidden gems, local favorites, and authentic destinations that elevate your journeys. Whether you're a student exploring a new city or a seasoned traveler seeking fresh inspiration, Nextflag is your key to unlocking unforgettable adventures.

Hear it from our Community

 "I love to eat out, but I always had trouble trusting the sources I found online as they were too contrasting. All I need is a flag now,
and I’m confident on my
choices as I know I can trust my friends’ recommendations."

Lorenzo, Florence

"Since I started using Nextflag, the way I travel has radically changed! My growing community is now my greatest ally, and their “flags” are priceless when I’m undecided on where to go! "

Virgina, Milan

"Nextflag has been a fundamental companion since I moved as I didn’t really know the city. I had a wishlist of places I wanted to try, which I now flagged for all of my friends who want to come! "

Margot, Paris

Ready to build your world with Nextflag? Join the community now!

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