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Generation Z: The Travel Market Revolutionaries and a Solution Tailored for Them

Generation Z is reshaping the travel industry — it’s no news. Despite being at the younger end of the earning spectrum, this generation is diving headfirst into travel. Over half of Gen Z adults are frequent travelers, taking at least three leisure trips in per year. Unlike previous generations, Gen Z isn’t waiting for high-paying jobs or significant savings before they start exploring; they’re creatively fitting travel into their budgets right now.

Travel motivations for Gen Z tend to differ slightly from other generations. Their top three motivators are to relax, escape or get away, and spend time with friends and family. However, they are more inclined than their older counterparts to travel for adventure, mental health, and cultural experiences. Gen Z also seeks meaningful travel experiences, prioritizing exposure to new cultures over nightlife and parties.

Technology plays an integral role in how Gen Z plans their travel. They are digitally native and heavily reliant on technology for inspiration and savings. Their decision-making process often involves consulting social media and trusted networks, emphasizing the need for reliable and curated information. However, the fragmentation and lack of trust in the current travel market present significant challenges, with users often having to cross-check multiple sources to ensure information reliability.

Being Millennials and Gen Z ourselves, we started off to create Nextflag: the greatest travel partner designed with people like us in mind. We aim to solve the trust issues and fragmentation problem by providing a centralized, reliable, and curated source of travel advice. Nextflag will leverage artificial intelligence to offer personalized travel recommendations based on the user’s trusted social network. By aligning directly with Gen Z’s technology usage and trust requirements, we aim to provide to be a potent solution for all travelers, with the younger ones at heart, but useful to all.

We understand the importance that trust plays in the travel choice of our generation. We believe that the intersection between UGC, their social networks, the limitless power that AI offers, combined with strategic partnerships, positions Nextflag as a revolutionary solution in the travel industry. By aligning our offerings with the motivations and behaviors of young adventurers, Nextflag is set to revolutionize the travel industry, facilitating Generation Z’s love for exploration.

We’re doing it for you, and for ourselves. We’ve been there, and we’re trying to make things exponentially better.

Let us know your thoughts, we’re putting blood, sweat and tears into our vision. But we want you onboard as well.

Keep Flagging.

Gherardo, Founder & CEO


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