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Why I started Nextflag: A quest to change the way we travel

In an age where we have instant access to a world of information at our fingertips, the struggle to find reliable, personalized travel recommendations seems like an outdated problem. As a seasoned traveler and an aspiring problem-solver, this was a paradox I couldn’t ignore. So I set out on a journey to redefine the travel experience for the digital generation.

We’ve all been there. Landing in an enchanting city, eager to soak in the experience, only to be met with a flood of impersonal, often irrelevant reviews and suggestions. Travel planning, rather than being an exciting prelude to the journey, turns into a stressful, time-consuming task.

The question kept resurfacing: why hasn’t the internet made this process simpler?

This prompted the birth of Nextflag. A platform designed to digitalize and democratize trusted travel word-of-mouth, aiming to simplify travel planning and decision-making. Our mission is to make travel research and knowledge sharing fast, social, but most importantly, personally relevant.

In today’s travel industry, where over 66% of global travel and tourism sales are made online, the demand for personalized, trustworthy content is rapidly growing. Despite the rapid digitalization, a significant void remained unaddressed. A void where travel recommendations were impersonal and lacked the trusted voice of a friend.

At Nextflag, we are initiating a paradigm shift. Imagine not having to text a friend asking for recommendations but instead, logging into our platform and seeing what and where they’ve posted. It’s about transforming the digital landscape to resemble a conversation with a friend, where suggestions come from trusted sources and are inherently relevant to your preferences.

Moreover, we believe in rewarding valuable contributions. So, when you share your cherished spots, hidden gems, or travel hacks, you’re recognized for it. We’re transforming reviews into recommendations that hold value.

As we navigate this exciting journey, we kindly ask for your patience. We are currently in the prototype stage, tirelessly perfecting the platform that we’ve poured our heart and soul into. From a modest room in the suburbs of Florence, we’re working around the clock to bring you a platform that is not just usable, but valuable and enjoyable.

Our ambition reaches far beyond mere functionality. We’re crafting a space that will enhance your travel experience and foster a community of explorers, adventurers, and daydreamers. Every day, we get closer to turning this vision into reality.

We want you to know that we’re not just building this platform for you, but with you. Your feedback, your experiences, your stories — these are the building blocks of Nextflag. So, we invite you to join us in this journey, to be a part of this revolution, to be a part of our story.

It’s an honor to share this adventure with you. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support, for believing in us and in this venture. We look forward to presenting a platform that not only meets your expectations but surpasses them, a platform we can be proud to present to the world.

Join us on this thrilling journey. Let’s change the game in the travel industry and make each journey a personalized narrative, an experience worth remembering.

Keep flagging.

Gherardo, Founder & CEO


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